The Importance of Regular Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

They say cleanliness is next to godliness. But today, cleanliness is next to good business sense.

When you think about the ways your company generates profit, you’re probably thinking about shareholders and expense reports. But have you considered keeping the office nice and tidy?

Office cleaning might only seem necessary to keep the building in good repair and prevent bug infestations. But there are a lot of surprising benefits.

You want to boost employee morale, improve client relations, and save money on your cleaning bill overall. Office cleaning services can do that and more.

Office Cleaning Improves Health

Did you know there may be up to fourteen million bacteria living on a single doorknob? After the pandemic crisis, people are more aware than ever of how easily you can transmit disease.

Cleaning prevents the spread of germs since many types of infectious diseases and bacteria like closed environments. When employees share doorknobs, bathrooms, printers, and computers, there are more vectors for disease spreading than ever.

Regularly cleaning the office can drastically reduce the spread of pathogens and diseases. 

But this isn’t just about your employees’ health. When they need to stay home from the office, your overall productivity plummets. Regular cleaning means fewer sick employees and more profit for your bottom line.

Commercial Cleaning Creates a Positive Environment

Portland, Oregon gets a fair amount of rainfall and overcast days. Those are days when your employees might feel most under the weather.

People who suffer from depression experience an improvement in their mental health when they keep their spaces clean. Employee morale has always been a difficult thing to manage. Imagine how much better your employees would feel if their working space was clean, too!

It’s not just the employees who will feel better after regular janitorial services, it’s your clients. Think of how you feel when you walk into a dirty, smelly room. It doesn’t inspire much confidence for the room’s owner, does it?

When a client walks into a clean office, they get a sense that you’re serious. Clean spaces exude professionalism, trustworthiness, and detail orientation. Dirty spaces suggest a lack of attention to detail, poor work ethic, and more.

A Frequent Cleaning Schedule Saves You Money

Seems counterintuitive, right? If you spend more money on cleaning, how would you save money?

First of all, you’ll save money on deep cleaning. Deep cleaning costs a lot, and it will usually affect office productivity since it may happen during working hours. 

Regular business cleaning also keeps your furniture and building in good shape. Carpet lasts a lot longer when you vacuum and steam it regularly. Furniture and equipment that you make sure to regularly clean and polish stay in better condition and won’t need you to replace them sooner.

Failing to clean on a regular basis means you’ll pay a lot more in the future to fix things.

Get Your Office Shipshape Now

There’s no time like the present. If your office cleaning has been lackluster, you’ll benefit immensely from keeping it spick and span. Your clients will respect you, and your employees will feel the difference in their work productivity.

But nothing is worse than having careless cleaners who leave smudges on the windows or miss spots on the floor. Get in contact with professional commercial cleaning services today and see the difference for yourself.