CDC Updates Guideline To Clean and Disinfect

Clean and Disinfect

Facility owners have relied upon the CDC to provide additional guidance since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. This guidance is regularly updated as the virus is studied and its spread methods are determined.

Recent updates to the guidance on cleaning, disinfection and maintenance of facilities in relation to COVID-19 have been released. They provide additional information to help businesses protect their business.

What are the New CDC Guidelines for Facilities?

CDC guidance updates include:

  • The risk of infection from touching surfaces is very low in most cases.
  • Cleansing surfaces with soap or detergent can reduce germs and damage virus particles. This decreases the risk of infection.
  • If there are no confirmed cases or suspicions of COVID-19, cleaning a space only once per day is sufficient. Using EPA approved List N disinfectants can kill any germs remaining in the space and reduce the risk of spreading them.
  • Only indoor environments, schools and homes with a COVID-19 suspected case are recommended for infection.
  • You should disinfect and clean the area if there was a person who has become ill or tested positive for COVID-19 within the space.

These updates focus on cleaning and disinfection needs for businesses, not health facilities, or other facilities that have specific regulations about how cleaning and disinfection should be done.

What will the new CDC guidelines mean for my cleaning needs?

Although disinfection seems less important, it is still vital to clean the area regularly. If someone touches infected areas and touches their eyes, nose, mouth or eyes, they could transmit COVID-19. It is difficult to determine if a surface contains droplets of COVID-19. A missed spot when wiping down surfaces could result in an outbreak.

Schools and indoor environments that have recently been affected by COVID-19 are still recommended to disinfect and clean. The ongoing research testing the effectiveness of vaccines for people under 16 years old and the worrying spread of variant B.1.1.7 among this population means that janitorial services are needed by many educational institutions across the United States in 2021 and beyond.

While the CDC guidelines have relaxed cleaning requirements in some industries, the guidance to regularly clean and disinfect against the COVID-19 is still applicable to healthcare facilities. For those who care for patients at higher risk, it is a priority to ensure that high-touch areas of the body are disinfected properly.

The updated guidance does not address other potentially dangerous pathogens such as MRSA, which can pose other health risks to certain populations. It is not enough to just clean and disinfect one virus.

Daily Cleaning: What is It Important?

For a wide range of industries, daily cleaning and disinfection are important. As vaccines become more widely available, it will be crucial to prevent the spread of disease in highly-trafficked areas. It is important to ensure that your facility has janitorial services with a team of cleaning professionals who understand your industry.

You can rest assured that your employees and customers are safe from any other pathogens than COVID-19 by performing daily cleaning and disinfection. The recent pandemic has highlighted the importance of routine cleaning and disinfection. Customers will expect more from you in the future due to the increased need for proper disinfection.

As we learn more about COVID-19, and other potential pathogens in the future, it will be crucial that businesses continue to provide cleaning and disinfection services.

Guide for Developing A Customized Planning

If you wish to personalize your cleaning plan, the CDC has additional information. These are:

  • What needs to be cleaned? High-touch surfaces and areas should be cleaned at minimum once per day for children or young people who might not be able to wear masks to cover their coughs or sneezes.
  • Take into account the resources: Protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves or gowns, is essential. It is important to have the right cleaning products and people available, as each industry has different cleaning requirements.
  • Learn the Difference between Cleaning and Disinfecting. For many businesses, spraying disinfectant on a surface is not enough. Wiping it off with a paper towel and then wiping it clean with a damp cloth is not enough. You can ensure that your facility is properly disinfected by using the right products and techniques.
  • High-touch areas must be cleaned properly and disinfected at a minimum once per day.
  • Trust a cleaning and disinfection specialist. Ensuring you and your team adheres to the latest CDC guidelines can drain resources that could otherwise be used for other areas of your company. Nexus Commercial Cleaning has the expertise to handle your commercial cleaning requirements. They use proprietary technology and offer customized cleaning plans for your particular business.

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